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Rifugio Overnight Stop – Stay The Night In A Mountain Hut
Stopping at one of my favourite lunchtime venues in the almost private ski area of the Cinque Torri, I am often asked the question, ‘wouldn’t it be wonderful to order another bottle and stay here for the night?’. The answer of course, is always ‘yes’, though the practicalities of such a decision on a one day trip alone are not feasible. Quite apart from the Drink Skiing issue, time schedules often require leaving those jaw dropping snowy views and heading off on our circuit home.

That is, until now.

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WoW Ski Tours is delighted to offer, as part of our bespoke service, the possibility to stay in that same favourite rifugio – mountain hut – overnight as part of a two day trip taking in several of the Dolomiti Superski Areas.

Our two day odyssey will take us from Alta Badia, through to Arabba, and then by bus to the frozen lake and ski area of Alleghe and the jagged majesty of Monte Civetta, whose pistes are wide and empty and endlessly varied.

We’ll spend most of the day there, maybe even trying the well known, but not so well trodden Unpisted Black, for Those Who Dare, before heading down to Pescul to get the bus towards our overnight stop.

The bus ride itself is something of a leap of faith as it weaves up the 21 hairpin bends at the Passo Giau. In a scene straight from ‘The Italian Job’ you’ll find yourself willing the bus up the mountain.

The white linened, dormitory style rooms of the rifugio can be booked to accommodate most number permutations, but it’s the supreme cuisine you’ll remember, and here you’ll be in Gastro Heaven; pasta parcels filled with beetroot and poppy seeds, ravioli with cinnamon and pigeon, sage, butter; red wines from the local area that are thick and robust, white wines and proseccos from the famous Trentino; crisp, dry, grapefruity. And will you even try to resist the orange and champagne dessert?

This time, you won’t have to. You can order that other bottle before gently weaving off to bed.

The next day after breakfast, you’ll emerge into groomed piste perfection, knowing you’ll be one of the first out on the snow. You’ll be met by the still pink sunrise of the unequalled scenery of Lagazuoi and Cortina on one side, and the glory of Civetta and Monte Pelmo, known as ‘God’s Throne’, on the other.

N.B.: Please note that all trip extensions are weather and conditions dependent

The only thing you have to do is remember slippers, pants and a toothbrush.

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