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Ciao ciao ciao Ragazze!

Well here we are, at the very tail end of ski season 2024. It seems no time at all since we kicked off our WoW weeks with our Off Piste Intro on 13th January, whilst at the same time, it feels too like so much has happened, and the middle of dark January feels an age away.


Our season was not only fully booked, but a resounding success. Like any business, there were occasional hiccups, usually weather induced, but these were mostly easily resolvable and cosmetic. The weather this year was strange, unpredictable, snowy, and it meant some last minute decisions to take account of closed lifts, whiteout low cloud, and avalanche dangers. The real meat of our WoW ski tours though, was as usual huge fun and pretty magical.

This year we did a lot of skiing. Although inclement weather sometimes forced us to stay very local,  we often skied hard, and fast too.  This year we also took our ladies to areas we don’t usually visit, from The Tre Cime in Sesto, to an overnight mountain hut stay in Buffaure, to the beautiful, and surreally empty Val di Zoldo. What secret places we seem to have discovered, sometimes unintentionally, on our WoW Winter journey.

I need to say a big Thank You to our Wonderful Ladies, who made our weeks unforgettably WoW; lots of Returners, sometimes in whole groups together. These lovely ladies, some from as far as Australia, have become ski buddies and friends, holders of secrets and sharers of innermost stories. They are women who have made lasting impact on each other and the lives of us here in the WoW team.


Thank you too to our WoW newbies, hopefully to become Returners, for uplifting us with your chat and humour, your spirited skiing and your Can Do Yes attitude towards our tours. We love meeting new gals, and our worlds are more interesting and fun with you on the horizon.

How amazing it’s been too, to see you meeting up and skiing or dining together, getting in touch and meeting up long after your WoW weeks have finished. We can’t tell you how happy and proud it makes us to see beaming photos of our Ladies lunching together in New York or London or skiing together, having made friends through their WoW weeks together.


We must also say a big thanks to Lovely Luca, our off piste guide and instructor, who smiled and charmed and led his Girls through soft powder fields and under lifts and through trees, and picked them up and dusted them down after their occasional falls with a grin and a word of encouragement.

Thanks too to Julian at The Tama, Inge at the Dolomit B and B for her warm hospitality, to Amir and Klaus at L’Fana for the best pizza ever, to Cristina at her beautiful Hotel Antines for her perfect accommodation.

We are also in the process of organising WoW winter 2025, with potential Young Ones Weeks, Moritzino Nights, and ski instruction, as well as our off piste Intro and our Rifugio Week. Watch out for our updates on Social Media, our website and our newsletters. Remember, we sell out quickly, so don’t hang about when our dates come out!

Don’t forget too, that our WoW Sun Tours are waiting for you. The usual Russell banter, with unforgettable daily itineraries in the gorgeous context of the Tuscan Summer! Check our website at .

Most of all dear Gals, Thank You, Thank you to YOU, our WoW Winter cast, all of you of you having your own moment centre stage, and all of you being the supporting role in a truly fabulous WoW Ski tours Winter 2024.

See you in the summer as part of WoWSunTours, or next year on the slopes as a hugely valued part of WoWSki.


WoW SkiTours.

We do what it says on the tin!!


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