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WoW Ski Tours

Solo Ski Holidays - For Women 

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To enjoy our trips to the maximum, you need to be reasonably fit and healthy.
Generally speaking, we will be skiing an average of about 6 hours per day.
There will be stops for both food and drink.
Although we do not offer specific ski instruction, pointers may be given by your ski instructor that can help you focus on particular areas of your technique.
Before booking a course, it would be useful to assess your level using the guidelines given below. This will help us to create homogeneous groups with participants skiing at roughly the same skill level. Please be honest with your level, neither by being overly modest or equally by overrating yourself.


On Piste Ski Tours:

You need to be able to ski red runs, under normal piste and weather conditions. In our experience, there are two types of red run skier.
Higher Intermediate: Are those who are comfortable on reds and can cope with demands of the occasional black.
Lower Intermediate: Are those who can ski red runs comfortably but are happier on blues.
Either is acceptable.
Beginners will struggle.


Intermediate / Advanced Off Piste Ski Tours:


As a minimum, to participate on one of our off piste ski tours, you must be able to ski black pistes competently. You should be familiar with moguls and occasional ice. You may have completed an off piste specific course. Preferably, you should have some ski touring experience with skins.

You might have lots of previous off piste experience, but please remember The Dolomites offer a plethora of technically diverse off piste descents allowing all our levels to be challenged.

Meeting the minimum requirements above is all that we ask.

Please let us know when booking your course.

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