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In view of the current situation, we at WoW have created a special ‘COVID’ protected ski holiday which ensuresthat our clients can book with confidence and that any payments that they have made are protected should they be affected by another outbreak.




Deposit Payments: Should you fall ill or need to quarantine immediately prior to your trip, and therefore beunable to travel, your deposit will be ‘rolled-­‐over’ to the following season. This is in accordance with the ‘Cura Italia’ decree, which allows for the issuing of a voucher valid for 12 months, such that no deposit is lost.


Balance Payments: The full balance is due / payable 14 days in advance of your holiday dates


Should you fall ill / need to quarantine after paying your balance in full, and are therefore unable to travel, we will offer you either a roll-­‐ over of the balance paymentuntil the following seasonor a full refund of your balance payment.


In addition, we also strongly recommend COVID personal insurance,which can be obtained through specialist ski brokers MPI Insurance or an insurer of your . Wechoicealso strongly recommend personal accident / travel insurance which will ensure your wellbeing in the unlikely event that you should fall ill or have an accident whilst on holiday.


Please note, that in the event of any Covid or accident claim, a medical certificate will be required either for WoWSkiTours or your chosen insurer or both.


As far as we are aware, insurance companies will not insure for ‘interruption of holiday’caused by Covid although they WILL cover for Covid related illness/isolation.




Interuption of trip prior to travel: If you holiday is cancelled due to Foreign Office / Italian Government advice NOT to travel, or indeed, the resort is closed, this will be taken as official evidence that you simply cannot proceed with your holiday. Thus, your depositwill be rolled over until the following season and the balance (if paid) will also be ‘rolled over’ to the next year or refunded.



Interuption of trip during your holiday: Should the travel ban/resort closure come into effect DURING your holiday, you will be offered a pro rata refundwhich will be either held in full as payment towards the following year or refunded.



Non Covid related cancellations will be treated in the normal way and will be subject toourterms and conditions found at the bottom of our website


Please note, we cannot be held responsible for any flight re-­‐bookings.