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Gastronomic Tours – Mountain Restaurant Trips In The Dolomites
The Dolomites are not only home to spectacular scenery, quintessential Italian style and superb skiing, but they also boast an enviable gastronomic and wine tradition.


Over recent years, there has been a new and exciting resurgence in the redefining of the traditional dishes of the local Ladin cuisine, which has in turn lead to a dramatic rise in both quality and innovation, with several Michelin starred chefs and restaurants in the area.

Many ski and gastronomic events, often featuring Masterclasses by local celebrity chefs, have been created to show off just how mesmerizing the food and wines from the region really are.

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From December and throughout the season, it’s a veritable foodie free for all, The Sommelier On The Slopes Day, to the Organic Food Festival in January, to the celebration of Ladin cuisine at Santa Croce in March.

At WowSkiTours, we offer you something a little more personalized; the chance to combine a great day’s skiing with the opportunity to indulge in some of those gastronomic goodies along the way.

If you know where to go, a selection of the rifugi – Mountain Huts, will have you wide eyed with tastebud titillation, as they serve up anything from homemade pasta with beetroot and poppy seed, to large trays of cured meats and cheeses, served with all manner of chutneys, sauces and fennel bread, to game, meats, hot raspberries and ice cream. Or another, known incredibly for fish, where you can eat tuna carpaccio and large grilled prawns, and scallops, with the catch delivered everyday from the coast. Wash that down with the local Lagrein reds and their thick chocolate aftertaste, or with delicate grapefruit crispness of the many choice whites, and you’ll be in food heaven for hours. Hidden round the slopes too, are hobbit like enotecas – wine bars – where you can pop in for a top me up.


Once back on dry land, and now onto aperitivo, you can opt for anything from a Hogwarts Potions Class display on how to mix a real Gin and Tonic, served on your own special chemistry trolley by Cocktail Maestro Thomas, or any of the other exquisite brews he has created over the years. Alternatively, you could try one of plethora of Proseccos on offer.


The Trentino area of Italy is World famous for its Prosecco, the cantinas of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano all producing fizz of the highest qualities, and for a Fraction of what you’d pay at home. Aperol spritz, amazing Hugos, are all served alongside exquisitely prepared individual aperitivi snacks, served on large mirrors in tiny dishes; quails eggs, prawns with chilli, cured hams and a massive roast pork joint, flavored with fennel and garlic and cut in thick slices before you.

Dinner presents few problems either. Whilst some might decide for the Michelin Starred establishments, there are several lesser known but equally gifted chefs who would give anyone a run for their money. Indeed, at many restaurants and hotels in the local villages, you can dine exquisitely, course after course of beautifully prepared and presented dishes, using only the freshest of local ingredients, each eatery having it’s own carefully selected cantina and which will have you burping happily at the end of your meal. Great Skiing, great food, does it get much better?

In Italy, when something tastes good, using your first finger, you twist it into your cheek to denote how splendid the food is. ‘Mmmmm’ I can hear you saying as you move your finger towards your cheek to try it out. And mmmmmm is exactly what you’ll be doing on a WowSkiTours gastro-ski day out.

N.B.: Please note that all trip extensions are weather and conditions dependent

Gastro ski tours of more than one day can be arranged upon request.

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