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It seems that snow has fallen in the Dolomites. Not just ANYWHERE in the Dolomites you understand. But the Marmolada. The Glacier. The so called QUEEN of the Dolomites.

This brings me circuitously to the precipitous event of our own Queen’s demise, which has caused me no end of upset over the last weeks. Now, I know these newsletters are never supposed to be vehicles of politics or opinion, and I am not expecting everyone, by any means, to share the same admiration and respect that I have for our Late Monarch, but I have been overwhelmed and extremely moved by the Love and emotion demonstrated by the British people in this regard. There are times, and in recent years and months they seem to have been more and more abundant, that I have been rather disappointed by my country. Looking from the outside here in Italy, the pandemic, Brexit, the endless political squabbles, seem to be recurrent motifs of a modern Britain where something fundamental has gone wrong. And then we get the death of the Queen. And I, almost star struck, watched and read and sobbed and wanted more than anything to be there, to share the grief and profound emotions with my fellow countrymen. And, above all that, I was proud beyond repair to be British.

Now, where does this fit in, I hear you ask, with WoWSkiTours?

World events such as these cause much personal reflection, and although it appears tenuous I’ll grant, the sheer majesty and beauty of the Mighty Dolomites often invoke in me the same deep feelings that I have experienced with the Queen’s passing; the beauty of the world, the transience of human life, the insignificant ‘sound and fury’ of human endeavour. So, it will be interesting, as I head up to The Dolomites this weekend, from our WoW summer base in Tuscany, to witness for myself, after a 4 month absence, the stately loftiness and lasting constance of the Mountains that have become part of my life, my heart, my spirit. I fully expect to be reduced to tears.

For WoWSki, this love and enduring awe of our ski domain can only be a hugely positive force. I cannot overestimate to our Ladies the joy I derive from setting off early on deserted pistes on a clear, crisp morning, the sky peering blue, and the watery winter sun starting to climb high in the sky. I cannot express the wonder of the pink stalactite rock formations over Santa Croce, their perfect edges glowing like cloud silver linings, with the rest of the mountain on fire in the setting sun. I can’t describe the powder under my feet in the empty snowfields of the Marmolada, or the powerful carved turns down the big reds at Kronplatz. Nor can I explain the cosy conviviality of our groups, holed up in some Alpine lodge, hooting over our bombardini, or our melt in the mouth steaks served with glubby, spicy reds.

Our WoWSkiTours calendar for this year is well and truly OUT, and we are delighted to say that bookings are coming in thick and fast. Without putting too fine a point on it, it would be worth getting your skates on if you want to take part in our WoW Experience. We know we have a WoW product. Our Women Only Weeks are much, much more than your average Ski holiday. That’s our promise to you.

Be a Queen. Be WoW.


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